Welcome to the El Salvador Surf Resort

A room at the El Salvador Surf Resort

Rent a Vacation

Safe And Secure Environment

Enjoy the sound of Beautiful, crashing waves

Food Is Available From 8am To 8pm And Later If Requested In Advanced


All of the amenities

Authentic El Salvadorian Breakfast
Air Conditioning and Direct TV

There’s A Point Break And Beach Break

Lavash And Professional

Check in at 1pm and check out is at 12pm.

Come lounge!

Whether you enjoy chilling by the calm pool or out surfing in the open sea. There’s something here for everybody.

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Rooms Available

New Studio Coming Soon!

There’s a point break and beach break, the resort is lavish and professional. I sit pretty well here, this place is mucho gusto! … and the food is yummy!


Dude you get the best barrels ever dude, just like, you pull in and you just get spit right out of them. You just drop in and smack the **Wapahh** drop down saying **BWAH** and then after that you just drop in, ride the barrel and get pitted. So pitted.

Big Wave Tony

I told my kids to let’s go and we rode the waves to Mizata. The staff is righteous and the resort is always tubular. My kids look forward to catching the gnar gnar every time bro!

Fred Dadpun

Father of Three

It was a great opportunity taking this vactation in El Salvador. The people where great, the food was great. Overall, everything has been great!


Enjoys great things